Why Restaurants Should Partner with Seventh Coffee Company?

You put time into crafting the perfect dishes, from the freshest high-quality ingredients to give your customers the best in house dining experience to keep them coming back.

Are you putting that thought into the coffee you serve?

For many customers, a cup of coffee is the last thing they taste before leaving, so don’t leave them with a bad taste in their mouth as they walk out your door.

Having a high-quality fresh roasted coffee shows your customers that your philosophy of a great dining experience is consistent from the start of their meal to the finish.

Stand Out from the Rest

Restaurants are looking for ways to differentiate themselves with quality beverages, whether it be craft beer, wines, cocktails, or coffee.

Foodies around the globe are recognizing the difference between high-quality, fresh roasted coffee, and commoditized stale coffee.

Just as craft options of wine and beer have exploded over the years, so has coffee. 72% of Canadians had a cup of coffee yesterday, make sure when they dine with you that it’s a great one.

We offer the complete solution – equipment and all – to get, and keep, you up and running with amazing quality coffee.


For more information contact:

seventhcoffeecompany.com or email foodservice@seventhcoffeecompany.com

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