Why Partner with Seventh Coffee for all your Office Coffee Needs?

Coffee is a low-cost, high-reward incentive for your employees. In many offices around the world, the first stop employees make in the morning is the coffee maker.

Having your employees start off their day with a great tasting coffee, rather than stale grocery store coffee, let’s them know you care about them. A happy employee is a productive employee!


Are your employees leaving the office to head to the local chain to get their coffee fix?

If they can get a great cup of coffee right in their workplace, there’s more time for team building and socialization around the coffee machine.


One of the first questions asked in client meetings is “Would you like a coffee?”

Serving your clients, and potential clients a great cup of coffee shows them that every detail of their experience matters to you, right down to what’s in their mug.

Seventh Coffee Company Equipment

If you’re serving your coffee with an old K-cup brewer or a beat-up old drip machine, upgrading your machine is easy with Seventh.

We offer the complete solution – equipment and all – to get you up and running with amazing quality coffee.


For more information contact:

seventhcoffeecompany.com or email office@seventhcoffeecompany.com

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