The trick with fundraising has always been to find something people actually want to buy.  72% of Canadians over 16 had a cup of coffee yesterday, and over 80% of those people brewed it in their own home.  Looking at those numbers, the potential profit from a coffee fundraiser is huge.  
We Make It Easy
We work with you to determine the right blend of coffee, create a custom label for you, and provide you with an order sheet for your fundraisers to use!  You determine how long of a campaign you'd like to run, and submit your final tally to us.  About a week later, we will deliver your fresh roasted fundraising order to you to distribute! 
How Much Can You Make
Each 12 oz bag is sold to you at a deep discount from the regular retail price.  You can choose to set any selling price you like, but if you chose our retail prices, you can expect to make $7-8 per bag sold.  If you have 10 fundraisers each selling 10 bags, you've potentially raised $800 by selling something that your fundraising customers are already going to buy! 
Which Roast Should You Sell
We have quite a few different roasts and blends available year-round.  We work with you to figure out what will best suit your organization.  Each of your fundraising customers can choose either whole bean or ground coffee.  The finished coffee will be delivered to you, fresh roasted, to distribute to your fundraising customers!


For more information please email us.