Coffee 101 - French Press

French Press coffee is probably the easiest way to get a great cup of coffee without putting in too much work.  With four kids (soon to be five - pray for me) running around, I do not need extra work in the morning!  That makes this my go to method of brewing coffee in the morning.

Why French Press instead of traditional drip?  The paper filter in drip coffee absorbs some of the oils, robbing you of that great, full bodied, flavour.  Completely steeping the grounds completely also is far more efficient than a drip brewer, which can over saturate some areas, and under saturate others, resulting in an imperfect tasting cup.

What you'll need to make a french press is simple, coarsely ground coffee, and the french press itself.

The most important part here is to make sure you use the proper ratio of coffee to water.  Since there are a ton of different sizes of French Press, the best bet is to go with 15 grams (exact same weight as 15 milliliters) or water for every gram of coffee. 

Place your grounds in the french press.

Heat your water to 195 degrees Fahrenheit. 

In a spiraling motion pour enough water into the french press to completely soak the grounds.  Here's where the trick comes in: stop pouring and wait 30 seconds.  This allows the coffee to "bloom" and excess gas to release. 

After 30 seconds, pour your remaining water into the press and stir with a non-metal spoon, and place the french press lid on the carafe.

After 4 minutes, gently push down on the french press lid, and you are done!

Try this method with our breakfast blend dark roast for a rich coffee you'll love.

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